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Can I try it out for free?

Yes, you can verify a certain number of emails and get the results for free, depending on whether you have an account or not.
The number of email addresses you can verify is written on your profile page, and home page.

How is the price of the verified email list calculated?

The price remains the same until a certain number of emails are verified, after which it increases with the growing number of emails.

How to buy a list of verified emails?

  1. Insert the emails you would like to verify, and click on the “Verify emails” button
  2. You will get some results for free, depending on whether you have an account or not, and the price for all the rest.
    Then you can decide if you want to proceed and purchase the whole list.
  3. If you want to purchase the whole list, click on the "Buy email verified list for $"
  4. On the "Checkout" page you can choose your method of payment (Credit Card or PayPal).
    Here you can also find the summary of your order
  5. After a successful purchase we will start with the verification process
  6. When the verification process is completed, you will be transferred to see the list of all the verified emails, and properties for each email address, where you can filter and sort the emails according to your needs.
    By clicking on an email in the grid you get a detailed JSON report for that email
  7. To download the results of the verification process, click on the "Download" button

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards and Debit Cards, through our eCommerce provider PayPal.
You can make payment via bank wire transfer, just contact us at info@skymem.com for proforma invoice.
We also accept Bitcoin.

I paid for my verified list, but I cannot download it

If you cannot download your verified list you purchased, contact our support team at info@skymem.com.