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Email Verification

How does the Email Verifier work?

Our Email Verifier uses advanced algorithms to check the validity of each email address.
Our comprehensive verification process performs a series of checks, including syntax validation and domain verification.
Additionally, it provides an extensive array of data points for each email, including Confidence, FreeEmail, Spamtrap, Disposable, and more.

Is there a limit on the number of email addresses that can be verified?

The number of email addresses you can verify is written on your profile page, and other corresponding places.
This number, as well as other limits, depends on your profile - anonymous users have the most limitations, while registered users have fewer limits.
Check our pricing plans here: Pricing

Can the Email Verifier handle large email lists?

Yes, our Email Verifier is designed to handle email lists of various sizes, from small lists to larger files.

How long does the process of verifying a large amount of emails last?

The process duration can vary, typically ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, although providing an exact estimate is challenging.
It's best to try it yourself.

How accurate is the Email Verifier's verification process?

Our Email Verifier employs a highly accurate verification process, utilizing a vast database and constantly updated algorithms.
While no verification process can be 100% perfect, we strive to achieve the highest level of accuracy possible to ensure reliable results for your email list.

What types of email addresses can the Email Verifier identify?

Our Email Verifier can identify and classify various types of email addresses, including valid, invalid, disposable, and role-based.

What type of data can I get after the process of verification?

You can get data such as Role Based, Free Email, Gibberish, Disposable, Spamtrap, Parked Domain, Grey Listed, full SMTP Verification, MX Record, and many more.
Results of verification are explained in detail here: Results of verification

How do I delete my verified email list?

Deleting your email list(s) cannot be undone. To delete your verified email list follow these steps:

  1. Click on (My) Verified Email Lists
  2. Choose the list you want to delete by clicking on it
  3. Click on the red "Delete list" button
  4. If you are sure you want to delete the list, click on the "Delete list" button to confirm

What happens to the invalid email addresses identified by the Email Verifier?

The Email Verifier provides you with a detailed report containing all the invalid email addresses it identifies.

How do I download my verified email list?

To download a verified email list, you first have to choose the email verified list you would like to download by clicking on it, and then click on the "Download CSV" button.
You can download a verified email list immediately after the verification process, or you can choose the list for download from your "Verified Email Lists" page.

Is my data safe when using the Email Verifier?

Absolutely. We prioritize data security and adhere to strict privacy policies.
Our system is designed to protect your information and ensure it remains confidential.